5 Ways to Earn Money from Your Yacht

When you bought the yacht, you must have thought about continues vacations and sailing around the globe. But reality is hardly ever that fun and you find yourself knee-deep in office documents, work and general exhaustion. Plus, the fact that your already expensive yacht is burning a hole in your pocket in terms of stationing fee, taxes and maintenance cost doesn’t help much. The situation will continue indefinitely unless you do something about your yacht. The first thing yacht owners will think is about selling the yacht however, there are certain other ways in which you can earn money by using your yacht.

Charter Tours

A common way in which majority of the yacht owners earn money is by running charter tours and trips. You can rent your yacht to other touring companies and keep your desk job or you can start giving charter tours yourself. In order to adequately perform the job, you will have to consult special authorities, marine tax accountants, and legal representatives and obtain a license because charter tours are like setting up a small business. Make sure you have all the facts straight and are aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to yacht charter tours.

Peer-to-Peer Rentals

Although, you cannot afford to make full use of your yacht, other sailors certainly can. There are a big number of people who are interested in yachting but do not have the necessary funds to buy and maintain it. P2P rentals allow you to rent your yacht to these people with the help of certain online platforms. You can search for these websites on the web and register your yacht with them. In this way, you can earn money by using your yacht and not worry about maintenance cost.

Collaborate with Diving Companies

Diving companies provides marine tours and diving experiences to tourists. They are usually in need of extra yachts to carry the passengers from land to diving site. You can partner up with these companies and enjoy financial benefits. This method of earning money is really easy, all you have to do is find a reputable diving company and make a deal with them. Make sure they keep the yacht in perfect condition so that you can use it on vacations.

Photography Tours

Tourists love to take scenic photographs of the country they are touring and if their destination is near the sea or beach, then all the more better. You can provide special photography tours and take your yacht to the most beautiful places on the islands and far sides of the beaches. The tourists will pay handsomely for the picturesque views and rare exotic scenery. Just make sure to get a license before doing this job.

Provide Accommodations

Another great way to make your yacht profitable is to provide accommodations to a few people while sailing. When you go on vacations you can take another person on the boat with you, in exchange for money. This is better than renting your yacht to complete strangers and also provides you with companionship during your travels.